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Retail Storefronts

No longer to be called ‘dispensaries’ in British Columbia, private retail storefronts have been given a new lease on life thanks to the provincial government’s decision against monopolizing all cannabis sales. The challenges facing existing storefronts are still numerous, with a new licensing scheme under the Liquor Control Branch, a wholesale scheme under the Liquor Distribution Branch, and a renewed vigor amongst municipalities to forbid cannabis distribution in any form.

The focus of Groundwork’s efforts are aimed at limiting the barriers to entry for existing retail storefronts, cultivators, value-added producers, and online shops. This is being accomplished with direct action; meetings are held daily with elected officials and staff of both the provincial and municipal governments.

The directors of Groundwork have vast experience in dealing with the federal, provincial, and municipal governments, making it one of the few consultancies in the country with previous, documented success in the cannabis field.