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In late 2017, Health Canada revealed some more information about what the future of cultivation regulations. In general, there was good news, with the introduction of the micro-license categories and a reduced security burden on existing LPs.

The goal of the micro-license, to paraphrase Ottawa, is to reduce the regulatory burden on small producers, allowing them to focus on their craft, while passing of the arduous tasks of quality assurance and packaging concerns to distributors.

2018 will be particularly crucial for small producers who are hoping to participate in the legal marketplace. Both the federal government and the provincial governments’ decisions will impact cultivators, with the Feds creating the rules for production, and the provinces managing the supply-chain.

Groundwork lobbies for current black-market cultivators to participate in a diverse, open cannabis economy. Our mandates include organic gardening, revamped microbial screening, personal security exemptions for cannabis offenses, farmgate sales, direct to retail wholesaling, and transferal of genetic starting material.

We can also refer clients to trustworthy, cost efficient consultants for license acquisition, quality assurance, methodology, and financial advice.